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The Marketing blurb

James Maberly is an artist, an author and a social entrepreneur.  Born in Kenya and brought up in Zimbabwe, he lived an idyllic early life on a farm, which pretty much meant boarding school as soon as he was old enough. There followed three years in the British Army with the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, a period in business out in Southern Africa, then art studies at both Ipswich and Norwich Schools of Art, specialising in sculpture and drawing. He attained a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. This led to four happy years as an art lecturer at Suffolk College teaching drawing, 3D design and sculpture . He continues to produce drawings and sculpture and also now teaches Intuitive Drawing from his studio.

James has never lost interest in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular. He founded a charity to care for farmers and farm-workers whose lives were devastated by the farm invasions, which led to an interest in the processes of negotiation and mediation. Further studies in this area have enabled him to begin the first attempts at bringing the various stakeholders together.

He is also an accomplished public speaker having lectured on self-reliance in the past and has spoken to various think tanks about the challenges currently being faced in Zimbabwe.

The Real Person

James is also clumsy, hardly ever on time, pretty much deaf in one ear (to the extreme irritation of his family) untidy and wears a tie so little now that he gets a rash on his neck each time he wears one. He adores his family, treasures his friends, regularly wears a kikoy and loves bananas.

He is married with four children and lives in Suffolk in the UK.